Loneliness is tough, but God makes a way, #3

David suffered for righteousness’ sake just like Jesus did.  David was anointed to become king and was pursued by Saul, who wanted to thwart God’s plan and purpose by killing David.  Jesus came to show us how to live and love and offered His innocent life for us all, and yet he was mocked and scorned by the leaders of that day and disrespected and ridiculed just before His death by the Roman soldiers and the crowd gathered to witness that truly necessary sacrifice and tragedy.

Noah was mocked and scorned all those long years he faithfully built the ark.  Joseph did nothing wrong except annoy his brothers, and he was sold into slavery, falsely accused and imprisoned for long years.  Hannah was tormented because she could not have children.  Esther was alone and unsupported as the queen through whom God would deliver His people from certain death.  Regardless of your present pain, may God continue to empower you to do and be what He has for you to do and be.

Scripture: Psalm 69:4, 6-7

Those who hate me without a cause are more than the hairs on my head; they are mighty who would destroy me, being my enemies wrongfully; though I have stolen nothing, I still must restore it.  Let not those who wait for You, O Lord God of Hosts, be ashamed because of me, O God of Israel.  Because for Your sake I have borne reproach.

Let’s Pray

Father God, You know that loneliness hurts regardless of the cause.  Please help me to bear loneliness like some heroes of scripture did:  Noah, David, Joseph, Hannah, Esther and Jesus.  Like they did, help me to follow the path You choose for me and let me deeply spiritually know that Your support and presence is with me always.  Thanks for showing me that You, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are always with me and will never leave or forsake me as long as I desire to do and be what You have for me to do and be.  Help me ot love myself the way You want me to, and help me to love others in the spirit and attitude of Your love.  In Jesus’ name, amen.

Things to Think, Pray and Journal About

1.  Have you asked God for His power and strength to do and be what He has for you to do and be?

2.  Are you willing to be Christ’s disciple if it involves pain and suffering?

copyright 2014, Pastors George and Sharon Billington, All Rights Reserved

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We are partners in marriage and ministry and are anointed and ordained by God to help believers endure to the end and to help believers live His love.
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