Discouragement is tough, but God makes a way, #3

What an awesome friend, counselor and savior we have in Jesus!  He cares so much for us all that He gives comfort and encouragement and, yes, His peace to us when we call out to Him for help.  He, the Father and the Holy Spirit stand ready to help you in ways you need so you can break free to do and be what thy have for you to do and be with the security of knowing you are never alone, powerless or unsupported.

When Jesus utter the words in John 14:27, He knew His followers faced times of great stress and uncertainty, and He wanted to provide them and us with a certainty no one or no circumstance can take away from us.  His promise to be with us always is comforting and encouraging.  Scripture shows He gave missions and tasks for His disciples to accomplish.  He did not send them to do those things helpless or without authority and His power.  His disciples sought His kingdom first and wanted to do and be what He had for them to do and be.  If the same is true for you, He promises to always be with you and never forsake you, either.  The same power and authority He gave them, He can give to you as long as you do His work just like He did the Father’s work.

Encouraging Scripture:  John 14:27

Peace I leave with you, My peace I give to you;  not as the world gives do I give to you.  Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.

Let’s Pray

Father God, please fill me with the fruits of the Spirit so that I can break free from what is discouraging me.  Grant me the spiritual eyes to see and the spiritual ears to hear so that I can be and do what You have for me to be and do in spite of my circumstances.  Please empower me and equip me with  all that I need to seek first Your kingdom and a way of life that removes fear, depression, discouragement and all those feelings that can prevent me from being filled with Your love and all its fruits, which especially includes peace.  Please also make me an instrument of Your peace and encouragement to those You send across my path.  In Jesus’ name, amen.

Things to Think, Pray and Journal About

1.  Did you know that Jesus knows what it feels like to be discouraged?  Most of those His ministry witnessed to rejected Him.  Can you share what is discouraging you with Jesus right now in prayer?

2.  Can you ask God to replace your feelings of discouragement with His peace?  Did you know that spiritual success standards differ greatly from ours?

3.  Did you know God is pleased with your desire to be and do what He wants you to be and do even if no one responds?  It’s your faithfulness and your good attitude that matter most to Him.  He has been rejected many times, too.

Copyright 2014, Pastors George and Sharon Billington, All Rights Reserved

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We are partners in marriage and ministry and are anointed and ordained by God to help believers endure to the end and to help believers live His love.
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