Unemployment is tough, but God makes a way, #3

Psalm 27:14 has great words of advice and wisdom.  When you are under stress, your ability to think and reason are not what they have been.  At times like these, you need to rely upon God for all that you lack so that things will work out okay.

Waiting is hard.  Bills can be piling up, and you may be running out of money before you run out of month.  God knows how you feel, and that’s why Jesus encouraged His disciples in Matthew 6:33 to focus on the business God had for them and to live the way He wants according to God’s spiritual law of love towards Him, others and self.   Christ also taught His disciples to let God do for them what was impossible for them to do by themselves.

Crops fail in spite of the farmer’s best efforts, and jobs are sometimes lost due to circumstances beyond our control.  Isn’t it great to know that God knows our needs and circumstances and promises to provide for us as long as we live Matthew 6:33?  May you embrace God’s promise and plan for your life.

Encouraging Scripture: Psalm 27:14

Wait on the Lord; Be of good courage, and He shall strengthen your heart;  Wait, I say, on the Lord!

Let’s Pray

Father God, You know what’s troubling me.  I am unemployed, and I am experiencing all the emotions associated with grief and loss like anger, depression and betrayal.  Please help me to accept my unemployment and to be at peace while I take steps to change things so that I can find a job that can satisfy my financial needs and that can also satisfy other needs You know I have.  Please help me be gentle with myself and not place more pressure and demands on myself than I can bear.

Please grant me all that I need to not only make it through each day but also to make it through this stressful time of searching for another job.  Help me to see workplaces with practical eyes of wisdom and discernment, and help me to evaluate potential employers and coworkers realistically.  Please help me to adapt the skills, training, talents and abilities You have blessed me with to many employment situations so that i can broaden my options.  Thanks so much for not only hearing this prayer but answering it in the time and with the provision that You know is best for the plan You have for my life.  In Jesus’ name, amen.

Things to Think, Pray and Journal About

1.  Have you asked God to help you live Matthew 6:33?

2.  Do you rely on God’s power or your own efforts?

3.  Have you asked God to show you His plan for your spiritual life?

copyright 2013, Pastors George and Sharon Billington, All Rights Reserved

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We are partners in marriage and ministry and are anointed and ordained by God to help believers endure to the end and to help believers live His love.
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3 Responses to Unemployment is tough, but God makes a way, #3

  1. secretangel says:

    Wow…. Pastors George and Sharon… This series on unemployment has me crying like a baby. It will be 2 years this month that I lost a job after 30 faithful years of employment with the same organization. I have felt and still feel all the feelings that you have discussed from low self esteem, depression, etc. Unemployment is a huge loss and leads to another level of brokenness. I have had to fight my employer for unemployment when I only got 1 year. I have applied for over 500 jobs with no success. I know that God has a plan for my life and I continue to seek God’s guidance everyday. Since losing my job, He told me to write a book and led me to start a ministry to help abuse victims and start blogging. My book is recently released on my website and will soon be available on Amazon. I am blogging on my blog,The Abuse Expose’ that God even gave me the name for the blog and also on Christan Blessings and The Christian Gazette. Our ministry has recently received our official non-profit status less than 4 months after applying for it. However, I have not received donations or sold many books. How do you go from working for a paycheck to growing a business or ministry. How do you go from being shy and never speaking out to being a spokesperson against abuse, “fund raiser” or getting enough funds from book sales or a ministry to even get a salary. I have gone over the years from married to divorced but still supporting my children then 2 years ago from employed with a good salary to unemployed. I have held onto God because I felt that He was all that I had left. I know that He has a calling on my life but as I look at my savings, I can get very upset. I am struggling at times to just keep my eyes on Him, not my financial situation. I know that He has a calling on my life. Then when I look at the overall situation… How can a single mom with 3 children survive 2 years without an income. How can a ministry get it’s non-profit status in just 14 weeks, including 2 weeks that the government was shut down, when most say it takes 6 to 18 months? How can someone go from being a nurse for 30 years to being a published author, founder of a ministry and blogger, reaching out to the abused and broken. I know that God is in the midst of it all. I know that He has a plan that I can not even imagine. I know that I have to walk by faith not by sight… This journey is not easy and I have a new compassion for those who are unemployed, especially by no fault of their own. Thanks for this series of postings… and I appreciate your prayers.

    • Thanks for sharing your testimony. I am so glad the post ministered to you and pray that it will help you release some of those toxic feelings once and for all.

      I do relate more than you know. Pastor G and I have been dedicated to God for many years without much of an income, yet He has always made a way. That’s how this latest blog was born. The next project for Him is a local bible study with the same theme. He will send those who need to hear His encouraging words.

      Through the years, God has always provided. Like you, there have been times of extreme hardship, but God has always made that way. We live Matthew 6:33 and Romans 8:28. I encourage you to prayerfully do the same.

      Regarding employment, many have been the times when I sought to work to help the household, and God has always led me not to. Pastor G is tremendously underemployed, but the income is enough for our needs and for us to save and even contribute to those ministries He leads us to support.

      I look forward to hearing how He makes all things work for your personal good and your much-needed ministry’s good. I feel truly blessed that at least I have been here to support you in birthing and continuing your ministry. Like John and Peter when asked for alms at the temple gate, this is my version of giving you what I have, and it’s more valuable than any little funds I could contribute.

      You know I am here for you. Email me privately if you want to share in more depth.

      Hugs and blessings,
      Pastor Sharon

      • secretangel says:

        Thank you so much Pastor Sharon. Your prayers and support has meant more to me than you can imagine since I began this journey. You are one of the few that I have emailed and revealed more to… God has known my struggles and continues to be with me as I walk in faith… I have to believe that this is the year of the miraculous for me and my children. Thanks again!! Love you my sister!!

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